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Basic Features of the Service Subject to Sale and Payment Information
The description of the service, the amount of units, the number and the payment terms are as follows and this information is also approved by the Buyer.
2.1 The price to be paid by the customer is determined according to the hotel, accommodation, transportation, tour and ticket criteria chosen by the customer in the reservation. The customer pays the amount of the reservation by cash, money order or credit card or online via virtual POS or mailorder.
2.2 Airplane, ferry, train, bus, etc. The departure times of the transportation vehicles are valid on the date of the reservation. Tourism is not responsible for tariff changes to be made by carrier companies later on.
2.3 Plane, ferry, train, bus, etc. in the reservation. The location of the transportation vehicles, the hours and the number of trips should be checked before the trip. Changes can be made for any reason, depending on the means of transportation or not. While the tourism notifies the travel details of the tour to the passengers, our passengers are obliged to learn these details.
2.4 Provided that the consumer participating in the tour is not larger than 50cm x 70cm in all kinds of trips, two suitcases are 20 kg in airplane travels. have the right to take and bring luggage. Money, valuable papers and similar valuable jewelry should not be kept in the luggage. Gateway Turizm, Selfa Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi shall not be held responsible for the valuables in the lost luggage.
2.5 Items that smell, flow, have flammable or explosive properties or cause discomfort to the environment, sharps, and firearms, and all kinds of animals are not allowed in vehicles and accommodation facilities without the separate and express written permission of tourism.
2.6 In case of baggage loss or damage caused by the serious fault of the tourism personnel, ½ of the transportation portion of the total cost of the trip is paid to the owner of the lost item, regardless of the material and moral value and other qualities and characteristics of the items in the lost or damaged baggage.
2.7 Tourism is responsible for all kinds of loss, damage and theft of the goods delivered by the consumer in writing, together with their value, as much as the cost of the trip.
2.8 visa and passport procedures belong to the consumer. However, if all necessary documents are submitted to the tourism in full 1 month before the start of the trip, visa procedures can be followed for a fee. Regarding the passport delivered for visa within 1 month or later, since the visa procedures are entirely at the discretion of the consulates, tourism does not have any responsibility for not obtaining a visa. Since obtaining a visa does not guarantee entry to that country, tourism Company Şti. has no responsibility. And for this reason, it does not pay any refund or compensation.
2.9 The guide fee is included in the tour price for the tours specified as a guide.
2.10 The consumer(s) who do not have a signature, but who participate in the tour subject to the contract, are also deemed to have read and accepted this contract and committed to it. Despite this, if the consumer(s) participating in the trip has to pay a price or indemnity to the consumer against tourism and related to the trip they have participated on the grounds that they do not have their signatures on the contract, and tourism has to pay the consumer a price or compensation other than the ones written in this contract, The right of recourse is reserved for the excess amount paid to the consumer(s). Even if the consumers participating in this trip have not signed, they have learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, due to the catalog and announcements, and have committed to participate in the trip under the terms of this contract.
2.11 Tourism cannot be held responsible for events such as natural events, social events, international relations, technical failures, strikes and protests that may occur between the Package Tour dates specified in the reservation or at the beginning of the tour.
2.12 Users sign the required fields in the voucher (ticket-contract) and payment receipt printed at the end of the reservation, and call 0 544 349 33 36 and send them to finalize their reservation. After this process, the approved version of the contract by tourism will be sent to them by fax or e-mail.
2.13 If there is a conflict between the consumer copy of the contract and the tourism copy, the tourism copy will be taken as the basis.
2.14 Agreement arising from this contract